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    New Terapeak Analytics Feature Scores and Optimizes Ecommerce Listings

    Terapeak —  a source for analyzing, understanding, and predicting consumer and product behavior in ecommerce on eBay, Amazon.com and Yahoo!  — launched “Listing Scoring and Optimization”, a new feature for Terapeak’s marketplace intelligence platform.

    Is Your Business’s Online Presence an Afterthought?

    Eight Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Serious About Reaching Connected Consumers

    Are your customers “connected consumers?” Do they use technology to help make buying decisions, to stay in touch with your company, and to share their experiences with others? Many small business owners don’t think so. What’s more, they assume all technology users are comprised of the younger generation and NOT their customer base. As a result, small businesses don’t maintain a healthy online presence. For many, in fact, it’s little more than an afterthought. But that’s a big mistake.

    QR Codes Are Essential to Smart Phone Marketing of a Home-Based Business

    What You Absolutely Must Know About QR Code Marketing

    The QR codes: These little black matrix-looking boxes are capturing the imagination of marketers and consumers alike. With smart phones flying off the shelves and consumers' needs for speed, convenience and coolness, it's no wonder QR codes are so popular. Scan the QR code from a static display like a newspaper ad, brochure, direct mail piece, product label, etc. and the user is taken to a multi-media explosion of videos, product reviews, or cool offers right on a smart phone.


    You Need a Blog for Your Home-Based Business

    Here are The Top 10 Reasons Why

    "Having a blog on your site can help you achieve high traffic and sales by the more effective marketing results it can create."

    The term "blog" is short for web log, which started out meaning a personal online journal. Back in the late 1990s when blogs first emerged, they were usually filled with personal posts about the owner’s daily life, thoughts, and problems. They have since evolved into invaluable online marketing tools. Blogs are now a "must-have" resource for any online business.

    Is Anybody Out There?

    4 Strategies for Email Marketing Success

    By Todd Bates

    Should you ever bring up the topic of email marketing, you will certainly hear people complain about the hundreds of emails they receive on a daily basis. They will tell you sob stories about the endless "junk" they receive and how they try to opt-out from all of that "spam" …all to no avail!

    A Strong Alternative for Advertising


    Entrepreneur Profits by Combining Daily T-Shirt Wearing With Social Media Promotion
    By Home Business Magazine

    Jason Sadler previous worked for advertising agencies, sports organizations, and co-owned a web design company. His desire to start a home-based business inspired him to launch IWearYourShirt.com, a website giving businesses the opportunity to be promoted via social media. While services like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Ustream are accessible to everyone, it's not always easy for businesses to have content created for them or to find an audience waiting to consume that content.

    Make that E-Mail Sales Resolution a Reality

    10 Tips for Better E-mailing

    By Marsha Egan

    At the beginning of the last decade, e-mail use was already mainstream. Businesses had integrated it into their daily affairs, and periodically checking our inboxes was part of our quotidian routine. Over the next 10 years, e-mail use continued to grow. But unlike before, when we actually maintained control, e-mail started to rule our lives. Wi-fi made checking e-mail at the airport terminal irresistible, and now we awake from our slumber when our smartphones ding in the middle of the night. Now, entrepreneurs, executives, and those working from home offices struggle with the overwhelming number of e-mails they receive each day.

    Create Social Media Guidelines to Reach Your Customer

    Get People Talking About Something Important To Them and to Your Business

    By Daniel Burrus

    The new frontier of Web 2.0 is not just about informing your customers; it’s about communicating with them. Today’s Web 2.0 tools, such as blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the many other social media options, are all about customer engagement. 

    Video: Facebook Etiquette

    Facebook Etiquette is essential if you want to learn how to effectively market your online or offline business.


    Seth Godin on Social networking - VIDEO

    Video on Seth Godin discussing importance of Social Networking and Media.




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