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    Tips to Maintain Cyber Security

    While large corporations increase their budgets to protect themselves from the same internet that you are connected to and the same malware/attacks that you are vulnerable to, what can small businesses and home offices do to have cyber security?

    The Year of Quality Online Content Begins with Compelling Copy

    For online marketers, website owners, or any company with some online presence, it’s time to make it a priority to focus on online advertising methods. No matter what your product, from whitepapers for new traffic conversion incentives to regular blogs and press releases, there are huge opportunities this year for businesses and websites sending out quality content. Here are three tips:

    The ParentPreneur Edge

    What Parenting Teaches About Building a Business

    “It’s a girl!”—three words that changed my life forever. Six months later, another three words had a different yet similarly life-altering affect as well: Applied Creative Technologies, the company I founded when my first child was 6 months old. Outside of multiple births, adoption, or marriage to someone with kids, I know of no other way to have “children” so close in age.

    Selecting an Internet Credit Card Merchant Account Provider

    Compare Opening Your Own Merchant Account versus Going with a Third Party
    By Andrew Lax

    If you are in business selling some kind of product or service, then you should be offering customers the convenience of paying by credit cards. Business establishments that provide you with the capability of offering credit service to your customers are called Merchant Account Providers, of which there are two categories:


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