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    Mobilize Your Webstore

    3 Reasons Going Mobile Will Boost Your Business


    By Jennifer Hutchison

    Making sure you have a mobile version of your shop allows your business to tap into a market that’s rapidly growing. Many people are using their mobile devices in lieu of their computers. We’ve put together a handy list of 3 reasons why you need to start taking advantage of mobilizing your site.

    Getting YouTube Videos Ranked Higher

    Woman CEO Launches A Revolutionary Video Marketing Technology 

    By Scott Kelly

    Jennifer Sultzaberger is known by colleagues and peers as a tech-savvy, digital marketing expert with an entrepreneurial spirit. The veteran technology CEO launched #vidit, a hashtag keyword strategy. 

    Inspired by Their Own Online Encounter

    Jennifer and Jason Connery (pictured) founded Secret RSVP, a new singles meet-up service that lets members secretly invite people they are interested in meeting to fun group events.

    Hard Work Pays Off

    Entrepreneur Created his First Online Business, Sold it, and Now Helps Others Make Money in Home Businesses

    Luke Sutton with wife, Elizabeth.

    Before Luke Sutton got involved with Internet Marketing in the late ‘90s, he was a contract computer programmer/database designer who had worked for years for a number of medium to large companies in a variety of industries. Though he loved what he did, he yearned to create his own home-based Internet business, free from daily commutes and over-bearing managers


    Generating Hyper-Success

    Hyper-Local Mobile Guides
    By Home Business Magazine

    When Mike Ragsdale launched 30A.com, an online guide to the daily events, restaurants, and activities in a small beach resort area known as “Scenic Highway 30A,” his iPhone app was the first of its kind in Florida. "I never expected it to take off like it has," said Ragsdale, whose home-based “mobile guide” business has over 60,000 fans on Facebook alone.

    Mom Starts Online Travel Business

    Motivated by Desire to Foster Culturally Aware Global Citizens
    By Home Business Magazine

    New mom Kaamna Bhojwani-Dhawan of San Francisco was inspired to start Momaboard.com when she couldn’t find online resources for traveling with her infant son. “I could find multiple resources for travel in general,” she said, “but little specifically for parents, and there really was nothing that spoke to me from a personal, human perspective.”

    Two At Home Moms Who Quietly Succeeded

    Building Online Businesses That Contribute Significantly To Their Household Incomes

    Kim Shanahan (pictured left) and Wendy Navarro (pictured right) are two "regular" women. They both came up with their own independent home-based online business ideas and actually succeeded.

    Up for the Challenge

    Home Business Takes the Product from Inception through the Marketing and Sales Process

    Randy Martineau started his home-based business, One Source Global, Inc. (http://www.one-sourceglobal.com) out of necessity. Randy had been working with a partner that was more involved with the day to day operation of the business. His partner had a lot of experience in importing and contract manufacturing. Unfortunately, Randy’s partner died suddenly, leaving him to pick up the pieces and continue operation of the business. There were so many challenges that Randy faced, operating the business himself.

    Job 2.0 The Future of Work

    By Home Business Magazine

    The recession is placing pressure on small businesses and corporations to do more with less. Many small business owners and entrepreneurs are even turning to technology to replace the most costly and inefficient piece of equipment: the brick-and-mortar office. With our lives seemingly more complex than ever, it’s surprising to find the tools that we employ during our workday are relatively simple and common: a computer, phone, and printer.

    Low Cost and Quick to Start E-Commerce and Internet Businesses

    Bright Spots in a Down Economy
    By Priscilla Y. Huff



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