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    The home-based revolution is closely linked to the Internet and ecommerce. Information on web design, site management, internet technology, ecommerce, ebay, e-businesses and more.

    For online marketers, website owners, or any company with some online presence, it’s time to make it a priority to focus on online advertising methods. No matter what your product, from whitepapers for new traffic conversion incentives to regular blogs and press releases, there are huge opportunities this year for businesses and websites sending out quality content. Here are three tips:

    Jennifer and Jason Connery (pictured) founded Secret RSVP, a new singles meet-up service that lets members secretly invite people they are interested in meeting to fun group events.

    Different ways a Home Business can Use Hashtags to Their Advantage.

    Hashtags have become a prominent part of the online atmosphere and as of late, more and more social media sites have allowed for the categorizing program known as Hashtags. Hashtags are used to allow users to tag posts, pictures, or even video with a hash symbol (#) followed by a word or phrase, such as #Newtek.

    Entrepreneur Created his First Online Business, Sold it, and Now Helps Others Make Money in Home Businesses

    Luke Sutton with wife, Elizabeth.

    Before Luke Sutton got involved with Internet Marketing in the late ‘90s, he was a contract computer programmer/database designer who had worked for years for a number of medium to large companies in a variety of industries. Though he loved what he did, he yearned to create his own home-based Internet business, free from daily commutes and over-bearing managers


    How To  Know If It’s Time To Upgrade

    To a lot of CEOs, a website is a bit like owning an older car: It’s given you a pretty good run for your money, and it does what you need it to do. Sure, the mileage isn’t great — but is upgrading really a top priority?

    10 Tips to Write a Social Media Policy in Business

    Every business needs a social media policy that promotes growth and protects against risk.

    Most business owners are now aware that having a social media presence is important for the success of their businesses. While social media presents unthinkable growth opportunity, it also opens the company up to risk.




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