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    Common Software Makes it Cheap and Easy to Launch Your Online Presence for Your New Business Launch

    By Kathleen Frassrand
    You cannot start up a new business in today’s environment without a web site.

    Helping Small Businesses Market Directly to Consumers’ Needs

    Believe it or not, consumers hit Twitter every day asking for advice or looking for a product or service. And with the right software, businesses can find the Tweets that directly relate to them, and, voila! Tweet back with information or an offer that directly responds to the request.

    Triple Twitter Followers Using SocialCenti

    Party Galaxy, which carries one of the country’s largest selection of party favors, decorations, holiday merchandise and costumes, recently saw a 1,520 percent increase in its social media generated website traffic over 30 days, driven by SocialCentiv, a patented Twitter marketing tool. 

    You can succeed with social media even if your organization doesn’t have the brand recognition of a multi-billion dollar corporation

    Small businesses and nonprofits face a different set of circumstances when it comes to social media marketing than their larger for-profit counterparts, namely, smaller budgets, fewer employees and a greater priority on traditional forms of marketing. When it comes to social media, it’s important to remember the 5 P’s:

    Keep Your Body of Internet Outlets Vibrant, Highly-Functional and Updated

    In the past, an online presence was a luxury — but as society’s focus and attention has shifted to the digital arena, it has become an absolute necessity. A carefully crafted website and fully-operational social media profiles can lay the framework for business success, whereas disorder and dysfunction can lead to outright failure.

    Eight Tips to Help Small Businesses Get Serious About Reaching Connected Consumers

    Are your customers “connected consumers?” Do they use technology to help make buying decisions, to stay in touch with your company, and to share their experiences with others? Many small business owners don’t think so. What’s more, they assume all technology users are comprised of the younger generation and NOT their customer base. As a result, small businesses don’t maintain a healthy online presence. For many, in fact, it’s little more than an afterthought. But that’s a big mistake.



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