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    The home-based revolution is closely linked to the Internet and ecommerce. Information on web design, site management, internet technology, ecommerce, ebay, e-businesses and more.

    5 Ways to Sniff Out Biz Philanthropy Frauds

    By Scott Petinga


    There are telltale signs to look for when sniffing out a shady socialpreneur. The following are a few of the ways you can tell the fraudsters from the real deal.

    He Extinguishes the Reputation of Industry Known for “Burning” Clients

    California-based Tom Litchfield is going beyond the usual “free consultation” offered by his web development peers, taking on everything from setting up WordPress websites to cleaning infected servers without charging a dime.

    According to Tom, “It’s a totally trend-bucking way for me to help nonprofits and legitimate small businesses who have been burned by greedy web developers in the past.” 


    Terapeak —  a source for analyzing, understanding, and predicting consumer and product behavior in ecommerce on eBay, Amazon.com and Yahoo!  — launched “Listing Scoring and Optimization”, a new feature for Terapeak’s marketplace intelligence platform.

    Woman CEO Launches A Revolutionary Video Marketing Technology 

    By Scott Kelly

    Jennifer Sultzaberger is known by colleagues and peers as a tech-savvy, digital marketing expert with an entrepreneurial spirit. The veteran technology CEO launched #vidit, a hashtag keyword strategy. 

    Common Software Makes it Cheap and Easy to Launch Your Online Presence for Your New Business Launch

    By Kathleen Frassrand
    You cannot start up a new business in today’s environment without a web site.

    Helping Small Businesses Market Directly to Consumers’ Needs

    Believe it or not, consumers hit Twitter every day asking for advice or looking for a product or service. And with the right software, businesses can find the Tweets that directly relate to them, and, voila! Tweet back with information or an offer that directly responds to the request.



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