Demand for Computer and Software Jobs Offers 2nd Career Opportunity


    Computer programming jobs are expected to grow by 12 percent by 2020, while software developer jobs are forecast to grow by 30 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    In 2010, the median salary for software developers was earning more than $90,500. What types of people are ripe for skills like web development through an online course – and landing a great new job?

    • Career-hoppers with an IT background: Current and former Information technology workers are fast learners when it comes to new computer skills. If their current jobs are in customer service or corporate support, getting the tools to unleash their creativity may be the ticket not only to better pay but to a more gratifying career.

    • Retirees: Many retirees are highly motivated, curious and have plenty of time for the business of learning. They may even have worked with early computers in their careers.

    • The kid who plans to study computer science: Junior high and high school curricula are still woefully behind when it comes to preparing kids for careers in computer technology. Ambitious kids who want to take their relationship with technology to the next level are thoroughly engaged by web, mobile and gaming code classes.

    • The good-idea person: Very often, someone has a great idea for a mobile app, but has no idea what to do with it. A basic understanding of mobile app coding can start turning that great idea into an entrepreneurial adventure. HBM

    Mark Lassoff is the founder and CEO of, Inc. Lassoff majored in communication and computer science in college, and later worked in the software and web development departments at several large corporations. While his contemporaries were conquering the dot-com world, Lassoff fell in love with training. He’s a top technical trainer whose clients including the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Discover Card Services and Kaiser Permanente. For people who want to dip a toe into programming, he offers free tutorials on his website.

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