Circulation of the bi-monthly Home Business Magazine

    (1) Newsstand (Magazine Racks, Bookstores. Retail Outlets, Chain Stores) 45,000
    (2) Print Subscriptions Paid 10,000
    (3) Digital Edition Circulation 25,000
    (4) E-Readers/Tablets (iPad/iPhone App, Kindle, Nook, Smart Phone, etc.) 10,000
    (5) TOP BIZ Listing Circulation 10,000
    (6) Mobile Phone Circulation   5,000
    (7) Facebook and Twitter Circulation 10,000
    (8) CIRCULATION BOOSTERS! EXPO Listing & E-classified, 125X125 Banner FREE!!

    Total Circulation (per issue)




    "Your Display Ad in Home Business Magazine (HBM) gives you the highest quality Newsstand/Magazine rack and subscription circulation plus FULL DIGITAL circulation through the iPad, a Digital Edition, the HBM Website, EXPO, Facebook, Twitter, and MORE!. All Included in the Display Ad Price!"

    What is the ONLY THING you need to know about the Circulation of Home Business Magazine (HBM)? Run a display ad in HBM, and ALL of your print, digital, Internet and social media/Facebook circulation is handled. One-Stop-Shop does it all:


    Most Digital readers CANNOT BE REACHED through print circulations, and offer you a whole new market of advertising response, such as the lucrative 20-29 year age group.

    (1) Newsstand (Magazine racks, Bookstores and other Retail Outlets (i.e. chain stores): 45,000

    The foundation of Home Business Magazine is the print magazine that is circulated through newsstands, magazine racks, subscriptions and other specialty outlets. Home Business Magazine (HBM) has been a newsstand leader since 1994. Newsstand circulation is the highest quality print circulation available. Curtis Circulation, the world’s largest circulation company, manages HBM’s newsstand circulation. HBM invests in newsstand promotional programs to increase single copy sales and brand awareness. HBM also pays Retail Display Allowance (RDA) to increase distribution into thousands of retail outlets each issue.

    * Click Here for more information on Newsstand Circulation and Print Subscriptions

    (2) Paid Subscriptions (Print): 10,000

    Newsstand print circulation is augmented by paid print subscribers and promotional mailings. Subscriptions are managed and fulfilled by an independent fulfillment company. Subscriptions are sold through a broad variety of direct sales, mail order, and dozens of reputable subscription agencies.




    (3) Digital Edition (DE) Circulation: 25,000

    Each print issue of HBM is circulated in an IDENTICAL Digital Edition (DE) powered by Blue Toad, the industry's leading digital platform. HBM's DE inlcudes ALL Display Ads. The DE is featured prominently on HBM Online web pages. Each DE issue delivers thousands of fresh readers, long after the Print magazine issue has gone off the newsstand. It is also “Search Engine Optimized (SEO),” to maximize  readership. HBM’s DE is also circulated on “bookreading” websites and through digital subscriptions.

    Embedded Video in Ads: Display Advertisers can embed a Video INTO their display Ads. See the latest Digital Edition!.

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    (4) E-Readers/Tablets (iPad/iPhone App, Kindle, Nook, Smart Phone, others): 10,000

    HBM is the only magazine in the Home Business category on Tablet (E-Readers), including the iPad/iPhone, Nook (Barnes & Noble), Kindle (Amazon), Sony Reader, and more.  The iPad/iPhone App is offered FREE, to maximize readership. The iPad and other E-Readers deliver print display ads INTACT and fully viewable to the reader. HBM is also the only magazine in the home business category on Amazon’s Kindle. HBM makes ongoing investments to place the print magazine onto other E-Readers as these become available.

    Embedded Video in Ads: Display Advertisers can embed a Video INTO their display Ads. See the latest Digital Edition!.

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    HBM Is also circulated through a custom IPhone/Smart Phone App.




    (5) TOP BIZ Circulation: 10,000

    To increase Internet circulation, all Display Ads receive an image, write-ups and web links on HBM’s TOP BIZ page. This is the NUMBER ONE visited  page at . Only display Advertisements are listed! All Display Advertisements are also delivered FREE to persons who subscribe to HBM's RSS Feeds. More than just a website listing, the TOP BIZ's list is a print Display Advertiser's FREE gateway into many facets of Digital Circulation including website promotion, mobile phone devices, email marketing, Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds, and more.

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    (6) Mobile Device Circulation: 5,000

    HBM Mobile, the mobile device version of HBM Online, enables HBM Display Advertisers to directly connect with the 80% of households who own a mobile device. Much of this market is UNREACHABLE through magazine print circulation, Digital Edition, and HBM Online. HBM’s TOP BUSINESSES List of Display Advertisers is delivered DIRECT to HBM Mobile. So as a Print Advertiser, you automatically cover the huge and growing audience who use mobile internet-connecting devices – for FREE! HBM Mobile also offers targeted mobile device advertising.

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    (7) Facebook and Twitter Circulation: 10,000

    A Display Ad in HBM receoves valuable Social Media circulation through Facebook and Twitter. Display Advertisers are linked to HBM’s Facebook through the Facebook TOP BUSINESSES page. This includes an optional link to your Business’s Facebook page. HBM also offers additional opportunities for Facebook marketing. HBM also “TWEETS” the TOP BIZ listing of Display Ads for added social media reach.

    * Click Here for the HBM Facebook TOP BUSINESSES Listing   

    * Click Here to View TWITTER Page for HBM



    (8) Circulation Boosters - EXPO Advertising and Banner Ads

    To boost circulaition, Display Advertiser receive a FREE Business Listing (Showcase Level) and E-Classified (Diamond Level) in the HBM EXPO - The world's largest home-based businesses, franchises and opportunities. Linked with a search engine interface, HBM’s EXPO combines a full written, graphic and video presentation on a business, SEO-optimized and integrated with full social networking and social media. 

    Example of a Showcase Listing!

    Banner Advertising:

    Display Adverisers also receive a free 125X125 Banner Ad. Display advertisers also receive discounts on larger Banner Ads.




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