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    Real Talk for Today’s Job Seekers

    Much of the career advice that’s doled out these days encourages young people to “follow their dreams” and “feed their passion.” And sure, it sounds good. Who wouldn’t want to make money by doing a job that doesn’t really feel like “work”? Who wouldn’t want to turn a lifelong dream into a reality? But if you’re hoping (or holding out) for your dream job, this author is here with some tough love: What you’re good at should trump what you’re passionate about.

    Often young job seekers decide to pursue “glamorous” jobs in fields like entertainment, TV broadcasting, high-level PR, and more. Sure, you might get a break, but the odds are most definitely against you.

    Entrepreneur Uses Low Tech Methods to Build a Fortune

    Paul Sowinski has been keeping a low profile for the past 6 years with other priorities — getting married and having three kids. Home Business Magazine first profiled him back in 2003 and recently caught up with him again to see “where he is now.” At 34, he’s back to his “old self,” building his home business and being “'entertaining” and having some fun while doing it

    Ed Perrey was working a dead end job for a delivery company in Northern California when his wife Lynn called a local carpet cleaner to have their carpets cleaned. The company she called was referred to her by Ed's mother who had just had her carpets cleaned a week prior and was impressed with the results.

    Home Business Magazine Checks in With Entrepreneur First Profiled 13 Years Ago

    How does a person continue to believe in dreams? How does one continue to pursue the impossible? Home Business Magazine first spotlighted entrepreneur Brian Arrington back in 2001. Brian had built up a successful record label, D.I.M.W Music Group that took years of dedication, belief, and passion, only to be lost in a matter of months and finally resolved in bankruptcy court. Determined to never give up, Brian started over and reinvested as an aspiring radio disc jockey and a new business owner of a radio syndication and production company.


    Convert Income Streams into Lump-Sum Payouts

    There are millions of individuals around the country who receive payments from various types of income streams such as owner financed real estate notes, land contracts, deeds of trust, structured court settlements, annuities, lottery winnings, business notes and more.



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