Frustration was His Inspiration


    Man Creates A Mobile App To Make Life Easier For Those Who Sell For A Living

    By Home Business Magazine

    Sandy Barris's “Sales Goals On Fire” has been quite successful with over 13,700 downloads and major coverage in several publications.

    It was three o’clock in the morning when Sandy Barris woke up and started yelling, “There’s got to be an easier way!” He was frustrated from trying one Customer Relationship Management tool after another to track his sales goals.

    Sandy’s objective was to monitor his activities and see if what he was doing was getting him any closer to these goals. His solution was to “jump in the deep end” of creating mobile applications. His app, “Sales Goals On Fire,” came from his frustrations. Sandy, a long time marketing expert, had always tracked everything he did for his clients.

    “Sales Goals On Fire” has been quite successful with over 13,700 downloads and major coverage in several publications. Sandy markets his app business several different ways. He sends targeted press releases to publications in specific niches including real estate, insurance, and home based business. He makes hundreds of phone calls to companies with large sales teams introducing Sales Goals On Fire and offering them an enterprise version for their sales staff. Sandy promotes his app using measurable direct response marketing. “It’s all about persistence,” he says. “It takes a lot of ‘NO's’ to get to the ‘YES’s.’ It’s all about having a flexible plan and staying on track while being ready to adapt that plan if needed.”

    Sandy has been a marketing specialist since 1988. He switched to working from home three years ago. “Working from home, my activity is more efficient,” he says, “I’m no longer wasting time commuting to and from an office. Working from home is also about discipline. I start every day with two to three ‘must get done’s,’ and I’m consistently doing them.”

    When talking to Sandy, you quickly discover his passion to make life easier for those like him who sell for a living. His biggest business achievement is always asking the “tough questions” to himself, clients, and future clients, and testing various niches before marketing to them.

    What’s in Sandy’s future? He’s fired-up about developing future mobile apps for other specific niches. He’s working with his marketing clients to make their businesses more profitable. Sandy is also looking for interesting opportunities to joint venture with other successful entrepreneurs.

    Sandy publishes a wide variety of tidbits about marketing and marketing plans on a frequent basis at: and and you can reach him by calling 248-335-8080. You can check out his latest app at HBM  V20-5 Add:11/13 HP:  Slide: 1/3/13


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