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    Where is He Now?

    Home Business Magazine Checks in With Entrepreneur First Profiled 13 Years Ago

    How does a person continue to believe in dreams? How does one continue to pursue the impossible? Home Business Magazine first spotlighted entrepreneur Brian Arrington back in 2001. Brian had built up a successful record label, D.I.M.W Music Group that took years of dedication, belief, and passion, only to be lost in a matter of months and finally resolved in bankruptcy court. Determined to never give up, Brian started over and reinvested as an aspiring radio disc jockey and a new business owner of a radio syndication and production company.


    Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

    Rebecca Clay is a woman that cannot be stopped, even when faced with life’s most difficult challenges. Always looking towards her next venture, be it business owner, champion water skier, or black diamond snow skier, the South Carolina native shows no fear. So when faced with the ultimate test of breast cancer, Clay used the same fearlessness and strength to add “survivor” to her long list of attributes.


    A One-Man Labor-of-Love

    Craig Bailey produced his first episode of "Floydian Slip" 25 years ago for 106-VIC, a student-operated radio station at Ithaca College in Ithaca, N.Y. He now syndicates the program — producing, marketing, and distributing the show from his home studio in Shelburne, Vt. — to a network of approximately 50 stations.

    1-on-1 Coaching Makes Sense

    Former Restaurant Owner Takes ‘Service’ into the Home Business Arena

    Before Peter Vlahos decided to leave his “day job” and devote all his time to working from home as a business and marketing coach, he had taken the phrase “Hard Work Pays Off” to a whole new meaning. Only, he was still waiting on the “Pay-off” part.

    Frustration was His Inspiration

    Man Creates A Mobile App To Make Life Easier For Those Who Sell For A Living

    It was three o’clock in the morning when Sandy Barris woke up and started yelling, “There’s got to be an easier way!” He was frustrated from trying one Customer Relationship Management tool after another to track his sales goals.

    From Passionate Bird Watcher

    Cliff Jury, owner of two Wild Birds Unlimited stores, was introduced to the hobby of backyard bird feeding through his wife’s passion for bird watching. Coming from a background in sales and management, Cliff longed to start a business that would allow him to share his passion for birds and to give back to the community.

    Mompreneur Goes Full Throttle

    Using Her Entrepreneurial Drive to Help Others Reach their Potential

    Meg Schmitz started a home-based consulting business to spend more time with her son and to help people with franchising.

    A single mother who stands a nose hair over 5-feet tall and as slender as a woman could be, you'd never know what a bulldog Meg Schmitz is in the business world just by looking at her...but you may get a good sense of it out on the car race course. 

    Her Light Bulb Moment!

    Woman Changes from Happy Stay-At-Home Mom to Happy Stay-At-Home Mom/Inventor/Entrepreneur

    By Home Business Magazine

    Leslie Haywood was a stay-at-home wife and mother to two young daughters when a spicy light bulb moment changed the trajectory of her life forever. She never felt she was the entrepreneurial type.


    Leslie Haywood, founder of Grill Charms


    No More Monsters!

    Mom’s "Green" Products Keep Monsters Away and Bring Sweet Dreams

    By Home Business Magazine

    Unbeknownst to her, Stephanie Corey, who previously worked 11+ years in the financial industry, had a fairly significant zombie infestation in her home two years ago. Her then 7-year-old son literally would not go into his room at night, much less go to sleep. Out of desperation, she slapped a "Zombie Repellent" label on a bottle of lavender spray and told her son that if he sprayed it around his doors and windows, it would keep the zombies out.

    Filling an Online Training Void for this Home-Based Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur Helps Businesses Grow Using the Web and Virtual Teams

    "It’s important to continuously learn new things that can immediately impact the success of your business."

    By Home Business Magazine

    As an overworked corporate consultant, Terra Bohlmann was burnt out. Outside of her day job, her passion was helping others who wanted to start or grow a business. She knew it was time to launch out on her own to help business owners grow their own businesses using the Web and virtual teams.



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