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    Embrace Seven Facts of Business Life that Affect Us as Entrepreneurs

    There are other important facts about business ownership — facts that could help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that trip up so many others, and go on to achieve the success you’ve dreamed of. I call these the Facts of Business Life — seven essential concepts needed to create a successful business life.

    Professionals Share Tips & Tricks

    By Penny Carnathan

    Writing a how-to business book or CEO memoir has become a recognized tool for business professionals marketing and branding themselves and their companies. It helps them establish their expertise while sharing useful information appreciated by readers. Plus, it can introduce them to a vast new audience of potential customers.



    Former Restaurant Owner Takes ‘Service’ into the Home Business Arena

    Before Peter Vlahos decided to leave his “day job” and devote all his time to working from home as a business and marketing coach, he had taken the phrase “Hard Work Pays Off” to a whole new meaning. Only, he was still waiting on the “Pay-off” part.

    Empowering Women with Superior Products and a Network of Dedicated Beauty Consultants

    The New Year is a time for fresh starts. For those with entrepreneurial ambitions, it’s the perfect time to start a small business. One small business opportunity that stands out from the crowd is Aloette Cosmetics. An industry leader in state-of-the art skincare and cosmetics, Aloette has a proven track record of success for entrepreneurs all over North America.

    Home-Based Business Industry Top Earner Uses a Premier Business Model

    It’s a fact that everyone has utility and monthly bills: Electric, gas, cell phone, TV, Internet, and the list goes on. And no matter how financially challenged or wealthy someone may be, these essential services are needed and can never be paid off; everyone will have to pay for these services for the rest of their lives out of necessity.

    Maybe you need a little help looking at what you should be concentrating on for your business in 2014. Well look no further. We’ve got your back with 10 helpful resolutions that every business should keep in mind for this year.



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