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    Can Authors Acquire the Entrepreneurial Mindset for Success?

    Publishing Sales Coach Offers 3 Helpful Insights

    “To be a truly successful author who can sell enough books to earn a profit and possibly even become a bestseller, you must treat book publishing, sales and marketing as your own business."

    Publishing sales coach Kim Staflund outlines some necessary points for making a book title a success.

    How Writing a Book Can Help Market Your Business

    Professionals Share Tips & Tricks

    By Penny Carnathan

    Writing a how-to business book or CEO memoir has become a recognized tool for business professionals marketing and branding themselves and their companies. It helps them establish their expertise while sharing useful information appreciated by readers. Plus, it can introduce them to a vast new audience of potential customers.



    Should You Self-Publish Your Book?


    The following are five reasons why small businesses should self-publish (open publish) a book:

    Achieving More than Ever Expected

    How Self Publishing Saved Writer’s Life
    By Ronnie Lee

    Ronnie Lee first wanted to write a book when he was 24-years old working in Hong Kong. He carried this passion through his 20s and 30s. It wasn't until Ronnie started writing philosophy papers that he realized he could write original poems from his theories.

    Partnering Leads to Merger for Bigger Opportunities

    Former Corporate Leaders Create a Unique Publishing Business and Redefine an Industry

    By Home Business Magazine

    Michele Smith had her first child and was dealing with a 2-hour commute to and from work. Time with her family was suffering, and she had to make a change. She met Michelle Gamble-Risley at a children’s birthday party before appearing on the Rachael Ray show last Fall. Ironically, Michelle was trying to get a client on the show. Michele offered to walk in her client’s media kit into the producer’s office and before she left, the two ladies had lunch and hit it off.

    Self-Publisher Gets His Books in Print

    An Unplanned Home Business Success
    By Home Business Magazine

    Never for a moment did Marcus Meleton, an engineer, aspire to become a book publisher. Yet according to him, his home-based publishing company, Sharkbait Press, has achieved national recognition and exposure that he says was all forced upon him.

    Ghostwriter in The Sky Works from Home

    Home-Based Writer Gets Into People’s Hearts and Minds and Helps Birth their Books
    For years, Judy Katz ran her own midtown PR firm, 12 souls on board.


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