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    Rewire Your Brain for Business Success

    How to Harness the Power of the Four Intelligences

    By Valeh Nazemoff

    Are you simply reacting to challenges at work, instead of proactively addressing them?

     A new approach called “The Four Intelligences” can serve as a life preserver to help us master the flood of information we receive every day. 

    4 Reasons Home-Based Businesses Fail (& How to Prevent It)

    By Andrew McDermott

    Many home-based businesses fail, but it's not because of the usual problems (e.g. sales ability, time, dedication, money, etc.). Here are four reasons why businesses fail. 


    5 Tactics to Defy the Impossible in Business

    In terms of growth in business ownership, women have been soaring past men, averaging increases 1.5 times the national average, according to the 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report by American Express Open. 

    Dr. Venus Opal Reese, CEO of Defy Impossible, Inc, who went from living on the streets as a teen in Baltimore to earning her Ph.D. from Stanford, shares these tips to defy the impossible in business:

    Running a Home-Based Business

    5 Things Fashion Design Can Teach You 

    By Liza Deyrmenjian

    Over the past 25 years, I’ve helped dozens of fashion entrepreneurs launch their own lines, many to great success. . I’ve also watched many others, not my clients of course, fall flat on their faces. While every case is different, I’ve noticed trends among the winners and the washouts. 

    Here are five things fashion design can teach you about running your own business

    Time to Stay Home

    6 Great Reasons to Celebrate Working From Home

    By Jennifer Hutchison, Expert Content Specialist

    Alternative working arrangements allow employees to skip the traffic-filled commute and employers to reduce the costs of a large workforce. Telecommuting is a huge commitment on both sides, requiring employees to be diligent and self-motivated while asking managers in turn to trust their employees and shift their management styles. Here’s six great reasons why working from home is a great idea.

    Pick “Marketable” over “Glamorous”

    Often young job seekers decide to pursue “glamorous” jobs in fields like entertainment, TV broadcasting, high-level PR, and more. Sure, you might get a break, but the odds are most definitely against you.

    What is My Business Worth?

    Valuing Your Home-Based Business

    What is my business worth? It's a question I've asked myself hundreds of times over my 40-year-long ownership career. And valuing your business, as an exercise, is a great thing to do from time to time — it gets you thinking and dreaming, which is not a bad thing. But it wasn't until I started buying, expanding, and selling my own businesses that I really got a feel for what valuing a business means.

    ROI Calculations Provide Value to Businesses

    As the economy continues to tread water and remain stagnant with moderate consumer spending, many companies begin cost-cutting measures. Spending cuts always seem to begin with marketing expenditures. Small business owners are being forced to only use operating expenditures that produce quantifiable results and directly influence growth. The ability to accurately determine the return on investment (ROI) for a given initiative has become increasingly important in order to be able to provide value to businesses.

    Are You Prepared to Leave the Business You Built?

    More and more small business owners are selling their companies, with sales hitting a four-year high earlier last year in the United States, and Canada predicting its largest small business turnover ever in the next five years. Small business owners need to start planning years before they might, potentially, be ready to sell or hand off their businesses.

    Breathe Life into Your Business

    Embrace Seven Facts of Business Life that Affect Us as Entrepreneurs

    There are other important facts about business ownership — facts that could help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that trip up so many others, and go on to achieve the success you’ve dreamed of. I call these the Facts of Business Life — seven essential concepts needed to create a successful business life.



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