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Go Green

    7 Ways to Turn Your Office Green

    By Jennifer Hutchison
    Going green is a great way for businesses to make a positive impact on the community while providing a cleaner, sustainable future for the world we all live in.
    We’ve complied 7 great tips, all designed to help you cut down on the paper, lessen your carbon footprint, and ultimately help your company easily adapt to a newer, greener outlook. 

    Dad-Preneur Develops and Markets Durable and Eco-Friendly Kids Pajamas

    Dad Changes the Face of Kids’ Pajamas with Little Twig & Sparrow Product Line

    As a father-of-three, entrepreneur Avi Newhouse was tired of all of the same-old cartoon, princess, and hero print kids’ pajamas that wore out after only a few washings. He set out and created Little Twig & Sparrow: exceptionally durable kids’ pajamas that exude modern style and extraordinary quality.

    Going Green is Good for Business

    By Euromed USA

    "Environmentally-friendly business practices are as necessary for the bottom line as they are for the planet."


    Despite pressing economic worries, the environment remains a top concern for consumers the world over. And that means environmentally-friendly business practices are as necessary for the bottom line as they are for the planet, says Joe Veilleux, president of Euromed USA (

    Office Depot's Small Business Index Findings

    Small Businesses Trying To "Go Greener"


    According to the Office Depot Small Business Index, 61 percent of small businesses are actively trying to go greener and 70 percent of small businesses anticipate becoming more environmentally conscious over the next two years.

    Get Your Small/Home Business Green and Ready


    Tips from ENERGY STAR

    Green Fact: High temperatures and humidity demand more energy to cool the buildings where we work, shop, and play.

    How Small Business Owners Can Go Green and Stay Green!

    What Does "Going Green" Really Mean To The Average Small Business Owner?

    By Karen Kobelski

    It's all the rage to talk about green cities, green businesses, and green policies. It makes sense in the big picture to take care of the planet we're on. But what does "going green" really mean to the average small business owner?

    Greener Options for Small Business Communications

    Ways to Help You Save Money as Well as the Planet
    By Steve Adams

    When economic times are good, the spirit of altruism seems to come to the forefront. Individuals and organizations look for ways they can make a positive impact on other people and their surroundings — even if it costs them a little more. Making sure the business is environmentally-friendly is one of those activities.

    Providing Women with Stylish Items and Helping the Environment

    Entrepreneur Creates Eco-Friendly Business after Noting Scrap Silk Material Destined For Landfills
    By Home Business Magazine

    What do you think of when you look at a knot? Jasmine Fullman thinks of friendship, goodwill, peace, prosperity and happiness; these are the foundation values of Naturally Knotty. Jasmine is the founder and owner of Naturally Knotty, a home-based business that creates and sells a wide spectrum of one-of-a-kind eco-fashions for women, including totes, clutches, wraps, baby items, and more.

    Top Three Green Savers That Are Free

    Ways for Small Businesses to Save Money without Spending Money


    Do you own a small business?  Are you strapped for cash?  Do you find it hard to pay your vendors or employees?  The economic downturn is prompting business owners to reexamine all costs to figure out where they can cut down.  The perception is that going green costs more money, but that isn’t true. The following are small adjustments that any business can take that will save a bundle — for free!

    Green Home Business Profitable Start-Ups

    15 Easy-To-Start Green Businesses

    By Priscilla Y. Huff

    No matter what your current personal and/or business financial status, the fact is the United States’ and the world’s economy are in an ongoing upheaval with uncertain job markets and rises in fuel costs and living expenses.



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