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    Buying an Existing Franchise Option

     When you buy a franchise, you also buy marketing support, business strategy, name recognition, and assistance with site location (if it's a retail operation), among other things. However, you also give up some things.

    Why NOW Is the Right Time to Expand Through Franchising

    5 Reasons To Expand Your Home-Based Business Through Fanchsing.

    Have you created a successful business and are wondering what your options are to grow in today’s “New Normal”? Like you, many entrepreneurs have created great businesses through hard work, innovation, and simply exceeding the needs of customers in a local area. But without access to significant capital, it’s challenging to contemplate growing from a few locations to hundreds or thousands of outlets.

    Guidelines to Selecting a Home-Based Franchise that is Right for You.

    Carefully consider a number of factors, such as the demand for the products or services, likely competition, the franchisor's background, and the level of training and support you will receive.

    Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. By purchasing and starting a franchise, you often can sell goods and services that have instant name recognition, and can obtain training and ongoing support to help you succeed. But be cautious. Like any investment, purchasing a franchise is not a guarantee of success.

    Sweat Equity

    Man Turns Business Idea into a Home Business
    By Home Business Magazine

    As Dave Ulferts worked along side a contractor and friend finishing his basement, he felt a wide range of emotions: relief that he had a professional helping him every step of the way; pride that he was actually contributing to the project; and satisfaction that his efforts were saving him a substantial amount of money off the project.

    Video: Franchise Fees and Expenses - Understand What These Cover.


    15 Franchise Businesses


    Home-Based Business Start-Ups

    By Priscilla Y. Huff

    Many frustrated job-seekers and workers, whose hours-wages have been cut back; retirees; recent graduates, and those seeking new career directions are considering purchasing franchise opportunities like those featured in regular issues of Home Business® Magazine.

    6-Digit Profits Reducing Exterior Maintenance

    Business Eliminates Homeowners’ Worries About Their Decks or Driveways Deteriorating   

    By Home Business Magazine

    Discovering a business that Scott Moore could run from home with a product so superior to the competition that he could make it work in any economic climate was what inspired him to purchase a Sealwize territory.    Prior to Sealwize, Scott  lived for 16 years in Japan, where he also started a number of businesses.  So Scott was not really looking for another business when he came across Sealwize after moving back to the States in 2005. 

    Franchise Trends are Strong

    Future Projections for 2010 and Beyond

    Best Performing Franchises of 2009:   Franchises that have an “all-in” cost below 100k are far and away doing the best. These concepts are less likely to need financing and thus are more in demand. Businesses that can be run from home and/or run as a second source of income are also doing very well. 

    Start-Up Guide to Launch a Home-Based Franchise

    Home-Based Franchise FeverHome-Based Franchise
    By International Franchise Association

    Many people dream of being an entrepreneur. By purchasing a home-based franchise, you can often sell goods and services that have instant name recognition and, depending on the franchise, you may be able to obtain training and ongoing support.



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