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    Surviving and Thriving in the Current Economy

    Home-Based Company Owner Helps Small Business Become Stronger and More Savvy
    By Home Business Magazine

         Lynn Sarkany has been a home-based business owner since 1994. Along with Entrepreneurs Professionals, she also owns a home-based marketing consulting practice, MarketFinders.

    Quest to Bring Joy to Families

    Writer Creates Resources for Families Facing Eating Disorders
    By Home Business Magazine

    After 14 years of being a community volunteer and at-home mom, Becky Henry hired a coach to figure out what she wanted to do next. Coaching women in transition inspired her to start her home-based business. During coaching training, Becky’s oldest daughter became very ill with an eating disorder. An absence of parental help motivated Ms. Henry to create badly needed resources for other families facing these deadly illnesses.

    A Zen for Business

    Building Brands From Home
    By Home Business Magazine

    Arjun Sen has an Aeronautical Engineering undergraduate degree and an MBA. His career started at Pizza Hut Corporate marketing, and then to Boston Market and Einstein’s Bros. Bagels. Next, Arjun joined Papa John’s corporate office as VP of Marketing and Operations Services, where he maximized the power of a brand by making marketing and operations work together. According to Arjun, he was the consumer vision behind Papa John’s online which evolved to a billion-dollar business.

    Getting Started as a Consultant

    Start a Service Business Using Your Professional Skills and Talents

    By C.J. Hayden

    Are you cut out to be a consultant? Consulting to businesses and organizations can result in higher earnings than working as an employee, provide you with needed income if you are laid off, and allow you to work from home. But success as a consultant isn’t guaranteed. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how consultants work, the essential elements of starting a consulting practice, and how to land your first clients.

    Helping One Family at a Time

    By Home Business Magazine

    Entrepreneur shares his story of persistence to motivate people to not give up.

    Brian S. Arrington was previously profiled in Home Business Magazine,  back in 2001 (June issue). Up until last year, he still ran his own home-based entertainment business. He had become quite successful and was still a radio personality on a local radio station. Brian’s success in business had allowed him to purchase a home, and enabled his wife be a stay-at-home mom.

    From Geek to Peak: Your First 365 Days as a Technical Consultant

    By Thomas MyerFrom Geek to Peak

    Thomas Myer, owner of Triple Dog Dare Media since 2001, has published a new book aimed at helping technical freelancers and consultants who are, willingly or not, striking out on their own in these troubled times. The book's focus is on surviving the first year in business, providing straight-up advice from someone who has survived nearly a decade in the trenches as a contractor, business owner, and software consultant.

    Benefits to Becoming A Consultant

    When Times Get Tough and Jobs Dry Up, Do What Millions Do
    C.J. Hayden, Mcc

    An economic downturn may seem like the wrong time to start your own business, but layoffs and downsizing can create new opportunities for one breed of entrepreneur — the corporate consultant.



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