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    Home-Based Enterepreneur Quisha King Develops Innovative Product For Babies and Parents

    Mom Inventor Provides an Innovative Teething Solution

    No one understands baby products quite like Moms, and recognizing a problem can ignite the entrepreneurial spirit! When Quisha King’s first child was teething, she was always dropping her teething toy — at the grocery store, doctor’s office — everywhere! Out of frustration, Quisha went home and made for her by hand a teething toy that she couldn’t toss on the ground, and TeetherTops was born!

    From Rugs to Riches with Rotovac

    Ed Perrey was working a dead end job for a delivery company in Northern California when his wife Lynn called a local carpet cleaner to have their carpets cleaned. The company she called was referred to her by Ed's mother who had just had her carpets cleaned a week prior and was impressed with the results.

    Charter Financial Provides Opportunity to be Referral Agent For High Income Streams

    Convert Income Streams into Lump-Sum Payouts

    There are millions of individuals around the country who receive payments from various types of income streams such as owner financed real estate notes, land contracts, deeds of trust, structured court settlements, annuities, lottery winnings, business notes and more.

    Beth Bingham & Co. Inc

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