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10 Signs You’re Not Cut Out to Be an Independent/Free Agent

    Thinking about becoming an independent/free agent, working at or from home? Beware! Below are 10 signs that you just may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur.

    #10 You can’t stand the heat. Before you jump into self-employment, make sure you’re very comfortable being uncomfortable.

    #9 You have professional ADD. If you get bored and frustrated easily, or you’re the type of person who likes to go in a new direction every 60 days, business ownership may not be for you.

    #8 You get stage fright. As a business owner, you are the primary spokesperson for your company. You need to take center stage and spread the word.

    #7 You hate roller coasters. There will be countless ups and downs, and you need to be prepared to hang on and enjoy the ride.

    #6 You think complexity is cool. You need the ability to distill concepts to their simplest forms so they can be easily communicated and implemented.

    #5 You can’t explain the steps of shoe-tying. Tying a shoe is complicated. So is running a business. You need to break big ideas into easy, actionable steps for implementation.

    #4 You don’t believe in marketing. Marketing makes the business world go round. If you don’t believe it and embrace it, you’ll never succeed.

    #3 You’re easily winded. Once you get past starting your own business, you’ll encounter a portion of the journey called the “middle mile.” You must be able to press on.

    #2 You’re a problem passer. Successful entrepreneurs never postpone difficult choices.

    #1 You’re on the quest for quick cash. Profits don’t happen overnight. If you want to make quick cash, business ownership may not be the right gig for you. HBM  hp: 11/16/14

    Daniel C. Steenerson imparts his success wisdom, principles and philosophies through his proprietary “Science of Visioneering” approach to help companies, entrepreneurs, executives and other professionals realize business greatness.   Visit He is currently penning his first title, “Mastering the Middle Mile.”




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