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    8 Wedding-Themed Small Businesses You Can Start This Summer


    The United States wedding industry alone produces $55 billion in revenue, as reported by research company IBISWorld. Who earns all that money? Everyone from salespeople on Say Yes to the Dress to indie vendors featured by Rock and Roll Bride.

    Here are eight wedding-themed businesses that you can start today.

    Making Things that People Can Enjoy

    Serial Entrepreneur Is Currently Building Three Businesses

    When the 2008 financial collapse occurred, entrepreneur Chris Ball was running a traditional IT company that he had operated for 21 years. In a matter of months he went from riding high to losing everything, including his business, his home, and everything he owned. As Chris brushed himself off, he decided to build a home-based business with the business costs linked to sales as much as possible, so that as the economy fluctuated, the costs would do the same.

    Do What You’re Good At, Not What You Love

    Real Talk for Today’s Job Seekers

    Much of the career advice that’s doled out these days encourages young people to “follow their dreams” and “feed their passion.” And sure, it sounds good. Who wouldn’t want to make money by doing a job that doesn’t really feel like “work”? Who wouldn’t want to turn a lifelong dream into a reality? But if you’re hoping (or holding out) for your dream job, this author is here with some tough love: What you’re good at should trump what you’re passionate about.

    10 Signs You’re Not Cut Out to Be an Independent/Free Agent


    Thinking about becoming an independent/free agent, working at or from home? Beware! Below are 10 signs that you just may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur.

    Turn Your Home Business into a Profitable Opportunity

    Here are the Essential Steps to this Business Expansion 

    Many successful home business owners may wish to grow their thriving ventures in a number of ways as turnkey enterprises, dealers, vending machine suppliers, direct or network marketing companies, or through licensing.One of these expansion methods is packaging and selling their businesses as opportunities for other entrepreneurs to purchase; but not as franchises.

    Many successful home business owners are packaging and selling their businesses as opportunities for other entrepreneurs to purchase.



    12 Home-Based Business Ideas for the Summer

    Originally promoted as "Spring" home business ideas, these 12 can also apply to the "Summer."

    Home-Based Service Business Ideas


    Service provider businesses make up the largest sector of home-based businesses. Here are 12 home-based businesses for you to consider:

    Where to Get Help


    If you are scammed, report your problem immediately to the proper authorities.

    Hobby-to-Home Business Ideas


    Check out these 12 hobby-to-home business ideas!

    15 “After Summer” Businesses

    Home-Based Start-Up Ideas
    By Priscilla Y. Huff

            With the ending of summer and school vacations, September is often considered an “unofficial New Year,” as people re-organize and re-focus on resuming their daily personal and work routines. This is also an ideal time for you to start a home-based business, as potential customers are also back to actively seeking products and services to save them time and money and to enhance their lives.



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