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    Resources on the main types of home-based businesses. Information on business opportunities, franchises, eBay, mail order, family businesses, network marketing, income opportunities, consulting, and much more.

    22 Big League Career Tips You Don’t Hear Every Day

    By Ben Carpenter

    Recent college graduates and young professionals must navigate the “big leagues” in an economy as unforgiving as any in history. Still struggling to emerge from the long shadow of the Great Recession, today’s job market is incredibly tough and exhausting.

    How to Harness the Power of the Four Intelligences

    By Valeh Nazemoff

    Are you simply reacting to challenges at work, instead of proactively addressing them?

     A new approach called “The Four Intelligences” can serve as a life preserver to help us master the flood of information we receive every day. 

    Mompreneur Formulates a Product Line to Bond with Her Son Who Has Autism

    By Home Business Magazine

    When mompreneur Kelly Johnson noticed that her toddler son, Parker, was developing at a “delayed” rate, she wanted to bond with him and experience the joy of development and progress.

    Kelly discovered that massage was the best way for her and her son to bond when “normal” avenues of bonding were not available, so she formulated her own line of all-natural Parker Time Potions pediatric massage oils.

    By Andrew McDermott

    Many home-based businesses fail, but it's not because of the usual problems (e.g. sales ability, time, dedication, money, etc.). Here are four reasons why businesses fail. 


    Publishing Sales Coach Offers 3 Helpful Insights

    “To be a truly successful author who can sell enough books to earn a profit and possibly even become a bestseller, you must treat book publishing, sales and marketing as your own business."

    Publishing sales coach Kim Staflund outlines some necessary points for making a book title a success.



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