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    Mom Inventor Provides an Innovative Teething Solution

    No one understands baby products quite like Moms, and recognizing a problem can ignite the entrepreneurial spirit! When Quisha King’s first child was teething, she was always dropping her teething toy — at the grocery store, doctor’s office — everywhere! Out of frustration, Quisha went home and made for her by hand a teething toy that she couldn’t toss on the ground, and TeetherTops was born!

    Achieve Success in 2015

    Here is a sure-fire recipe for network marketing success in 2014. Cultivate these simple, practical — and highly duplicatable — daily "success habits," and master managing your time, business relationships, and yourself in your network marketing business.


    6 Great Reasons to Celebrate Working From Home

    By Jennifer Hutchison, Expert Content Specialist

    Alternative working arrangements allow employees to skip the traffic-filled commute and employers to reduce the costs of a large workforce. Telecommuting is a huge commitment on both sides, requiring employees to be diligent and self-motivated while asking managers in turn to trust their employees and shift their management styles. Here’s six great reasons why working from home is a great idea.

    Dad Changes the Face of Kids’ Pajamas with Little Twig & Sparrow Product Line

    As a father-of-three, entrepreneur Avi Newhouse was tired of all of the same-old cartoon, princess, and hero print kids’ pajamas that wore out after only a few washings. He set out and created Little Twig & Sparrow: exceptionally durable kids’ pajamas that exude modern style and extraordinary quality.

    Serial Entrepreneur Is Currently Building Three Businesses

    When the 2008 financial collapse occurred, entrepreneur Chris Ball was running a traditional IT company that he had operated for 21 years. In a matter of months he went from riding high to losing everything, including his business, his home, and everything he owned. As Chris brushed himself off, he decided to build a home-based business with the business costs linked to sales as much as possible, so that as the economy fluctuated, the costs would do the same.

    Real Talk for Today’s Job Seekers

    Much of the career advice that’s doled out these days encourages young people to “follow their dreams” and “feed their passion.” And sure, it sounds good. Who wouldn’t want to make money by doing a job that doesn’t really feel like “work”? Who wouldn’t want to turn a lifelong dream into a reality? But if you’re hoping (or holding out) for your dream job, this author is here with some tough love: What you’re good at should trump what you’re passionate about.



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