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Mompreneur Prospers with SleepPhones


    Woman Inventor Juggles Motherhood and Home Business Operations
    By Home Business Magazine

    When Dr. Wei-Shin Lai, M.D. founded her company, AcousticSheep LLC, in 2007, she discovered that being an entrepreneur was truly more than a full-time job. Then last year, Dr. Lai got another full-time job — becoming a mother, when her and her husband Jason Wolfe’s son Brynach was born. This joyous event made Dr. Lai a “mompreneur”, a real-life Wonder Woman who finds success both running a home-based business and being a mother.

    This joyous event made Dr. Lai a “mompreneur”, a real-life Wonder Woman who finds success both running a home-based business and being a mother.

    Dr. Lai’s company is the maker of SleepPhones, an insomnia aid featuring a combination headphones/headband, and RunPhones, similar to SleepPhones but designed for exercisers. An interesting aspect of the business Dr. Lai runs is how SleepPhones helps her get enough rest to manage the busy mompreneur lifestyle.
    As the company and Brynach grow, Dr. Lai is faced with a variety of challenges. “We work all day/night/weekends around his eating, diapering, playing, and sleeping schedule. The baby definitely runs the show around here,” Dr. Lai said. “He has a hard time sleeping on his own during the day, which actually works out okay because I can get him situated and still work on my computer while he sleep-nurses next to me.”
    At first, when Brynach was a newborn, Dr. Lai said, she could make and answer phone calls. Now it is a lot more difficult to do phone calls, so she has to make adjustments. She waits until he’s asleep or her husband Jason can take him before making phone calls. She also often uses digital communication. “I manage almost everything by e-mail or text message,” she said.
    When asked for advice for others thinking of becoming mompreneurs, Dr. Lai said first it’s important to delegate work to avoid burnout, such as hiring employees and household help. And she said to always keep your spirits up by remembering what you are achieving by being a mompreneur.

    “Raising a baby is just as much of a full-time job as running a business, so don't let anyone diminish the work of being a mom,” Dr. Lai said. “Also know that by being home most of the time with the child, you are already doing a great job being a mom and being a role model for those who want to work hard to accomplish goals.” Visit . Connect with the company on Facebook and on Twitter (@SleepPhones).HBM   V19-5 Add:10/12 HP: 1/20/13 Car: 11/7/12




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