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Start-Up Fundamentals

    Common Start-Up Struggles and Steps to Avoid the Traps

    History tells us that start-up businesses struggle from both lack of strategic planning and organization and being more reactionary than proactive. The following is a three-tier approach that entrepreneurs should follow when first starting out:



    How to Turn Your Entrepreneurial Passion into a Thriving Business
    By John Bradberry

    What accounts for the significant gap between entrepreneurial desire, drive, courage, creativity, and faith and what entrepreneurs actually achieve?

    Tips for Launching and Growing Your Start-up Right

    Take note of these tips and do it the right way the first time.

    Six Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Ask

    Before Starting a New Business
    As the job market continues to lag behind, inspiring terms in the media like “jobless recovery,” many disenfranchised professionals are thinking of starting their own businesses. While the rewards could be greater than their old salary, so are the risks, begging the question “Am I ready for this?”

    Is It Time For You To Start A New Home-Based Business?

    Tips for Launching Your Start-up Right

    Are you considering launching or financing a start-up company? This author’s
    expertise and experiences have led to the creation of a series of tips that can help you move forward with your decision.

    These tips include:

    It’s Not About the Product

    Start-ups are not about the technology or product or service. The product is the heart of the company, but the product no more makes a company than a heart makes a human being. There are many components to a company that all have to work together harmoniously in order to achieve a success outcome.
    What does this mean to the entrepreneur just starting his business?

    Mistake-Proofing Your Start-Up Business

    All It Takes Are Free Online Tools and Search Engine Research With Google

    By Jay Arthur

    With so many people out of work during this recession, it should come as no surprise that many are thinking about starting their own businesses. And with so many jobs moving offshore, even people who are still employed might consider starting a business as a back-up plan. Even if you’re the owner of a successful start-up, the recession might have you worried. 

    Stretch Those StartUp Dollars

    Practical Steps to Accomplish More with Less
    By Gary Clipperton

    You have a strong desire to experience the “American Dream” — owning your own successful business. You’ve developed business skills and have what it takes to get started. You’ve performed your due diligence and have legal and accounting systems in place. However, you lack one important ingredient — start-up capital.

    Setting Up Simple Financial Management

    Don't Launch Your Start-Up Until You Have the Finances Under Control
    By Nora Caley
    Sometimes you don’t need a lot of money to start a business. What you need instead is good financial management. If you plan carefully, control spending, and monitor the money that comes into your business and the money that goes out, you can prevent a monetary emergency later.

    15 Ways to Slash Start-Up Costs in Your Home Business

    Any business’ start-up costs can be minimized using economical strategies and creative financing.
    By Priscilla Y. Huff

    Many people wish they could start a home business, but believe the costs are too prohibitive. However, as you will read in this feature, there are numerous home ventures that are relatively inexpensive to set up. Generally, businesses with the lowest start-up costs are those that provide services to individuals and/or other enterprises as opposed to those that produce products; but any business’ start-up costs can be minimized using economical strategies and creative financing. 

    10 Essential Steps for a Successful Home-Based Business Launch

    Get Ready, Get Set, and Get Started In A Profitable Home Business:
    By Priscilla Y. Huff

    According to a recent study by the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA -, America's home-based sole proprietors generate $102 billion in annual revenue. With a steady rise in inflation and living expenses and less job security than ever, an increasing number of people are leaving their jobs to start home-based ventures. If you are ready to join these entrepreneurs, here are ten essential steps to turn your entrepreneurial dream into a successful home-business reality.


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