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Setting Up a Business

    Complying With Local Zoning Bylaws & Ordinances in a Home-Based Business

    Five Key Issues to Watch Out and Plan For

    Before embarking on any home-based business, as a prudent business owner, you should first check whether there are any permitting requirements under the local zoning bylaws or ordinances in your community. Otherwise, failure to abide by zoning regulations and permit requirements could result in significant fines or an order to cease business operations, especially if the municipality discovers that you are operating a home-based business without proper approvals.

    Home Office On the Cheap

    10 Ways to Set Up Yours for Under $100

    By Kristina Wyatt

    Whether you have an entire room to dedicate asyour office, or just a small corner of your bedroom to call your own, the home office is an integral piece of any home-based business. Setting up this space doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; follow these steps below to create the gorgeous, functional office you dream of, on a budget.

    Sneak a Start-Up Around Your Day Job!

    Start a Home-Based Business that Your Boss Will Never Know About

    By Priscilla Y. Huff

    While economists predict the present worldwide recession may soon start to ease, they generally agree that it will take time to get the economy rolling again; and that once it does some aspects of our work-lives may never be the same again. Job security, career preferences, numbers of hours worked daily, availability of financial resources, retirement plans, global industry trends, and other employment factors will continue to change and be uncertain. 


    Set Up a Collections System in Your Home Business

    A New Business Will Collapse Quickly Without Sound Collections
    By Christopher J. Bachler

    Some of your customers will be slow or even unwilling to pay.

    Selecting Space

    Low Cost Home Office Solutions When You Don't Have Enough Space
    By Gregory Grabowski, PE, LEED AP

    Many of you with businesses based out of your homes have converted your “office space” from some other room in the house: a den; spare bedroom; or garage.


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