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Raising Money

    Start-Up Financing Starts with a Strategy

    The Real Funding Strategy That Works

    You have an idea for a product or service and want to start a company, or maybe you already have a company and you are thinking about launching a new product line. Either way, you need capital to make it happen, but how do you get the funding required?

    How to Get Start-Up Business Financing - VIDEO


    Start-up business financing comes from raising money, loans and credit cards. Get financing with tips from a successful business owner in this free video on business tips.  Expert: Clayton Christopher

    Raising Start Up Funds

    Find the Right Combination for Your Needs and Existing Resources
    By Nora Caley

    You’ll have to present your business plan and answer questions about your projected revenues, the potential risks, and other details.

    Raising Funds from Micro-Lenders for your Home Business

    A Tough Economy Toughens Up the Availability of Micro-Lending
    By Nora Caley

    Banks have implemented stricter lending requirements lately, making it difficult to finance a small business.

    Raising Funds From Investors


    As the Economy Tanks, Look for Investors to Raise Scarce Business Capital
    By Steven Strauss

    There is no doubt that the time when you could go to the bank and fairly easily get an SBA or other type of small business loan is over.

    Save Money in a Home Business Start-Up

    When Times are Hard, Keep Your Start-Up Costs Under Control
    By Nora Caley

    The economic downturn has caused many businesses to decrease their spending.

    Selecting an Internet Credit Card Merchant Account Provider

    Compare Opening Your Own Merchant Account versus Going with a Third Party
    By Andrew Lax

    If you are in business selling some kind of product or service, then you should be offering customers the convenience of paying by credit cards. Business establishments that provide you with the capability of offering credit service to your customers are called Merchant Account Providers, of which there are two categories:


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