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Planning a Business

    Turning Parenting Dilemmas into Lucrative Inventions

    Five Valuable Lessons One Inventor Learned From Bringing Her Product to Market

    By Kaylee Wickline, Inventor of the Potty Wiz

    We’ve all been there — in the midst of raising your kids, you’ve likely stumbled across a parenting dilemma that made you think, there really needs to be a better way to manage this. The thought of moving forward with your thought or idea probably makes you a little nauseous when you consider all that’s involved. 

    If you’re like I was and have no idea where to start, here are some valuable lessons I’ve learned throughout my process of developing the Potty Wiz

    Strategic Planning is Really making a Big Difference for these Home Businesses.

    The Beginning of the Year is the Best Time to Chart the Right Course for Your Business.

    You have two choices when it comes to running your home business: Be intentional about the path your business follows. Or run your business on autopilot.

    Develop a Business Plan for Your Home-Based Business – 8 Part SBA Webinar




    Plan of Attack

    Don't Even Think about Starting a Business Until You Have a Business Plan

    I always have lots of ideas. But I’m not the most organized or efficient person. To get anything done — and especially to do it well — I need to write things down in detail.

    That’s where business plans come in handy. More than an idea, a business plan is a literal blueprint for business success. Simply defined, a business plan is a special document which entrepreneurs use to map out key details of their businesses, and to plot their short- and long-term plans for future success.


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