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Marketing Plans

    International Marketing Planning for Home Business Entrepreneurs

    When Times Get Tough, Look to Expand into International Markets
    By Renata L. Lerch
    Expanding your small business in international markets involves risks that should be meticulously calculated.

    Think You Can’t Afford Marketing in your Home-Based Business?

    5 Ways to Make a Marketing Splash without Drying Up Your Budget.

    Chances are you’ve invested a lot of money to run your home-based business. From computers to cable modems, fax lines to furniture, expenses add up when you’re going solo. When cash flow is tight, it’s common to defer marketing expenses until you can boost your bottom line. But marketing successfully is one of the best ways to generate revenue — and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are five ways to make a marketing splash right now, without drying up your budget.

    Reaching Out to Your Audience

    Creating an Efficient Marketing Communications Plan
    By Renata B.L.Lerch

    Communication is a key element of marketing in any type of business organization. From small to large businesses, profit or not-for-profit, in all segments; it is an essential part of business planning. Running an effective communications strategy allows companies to establish its brand, carefully positioning their products and services to a desired direction.

    Key Elements of a Successful Marketing Plan

    An Organized and Effective Marketing Plan is the Backbone for Your Product or Service Life Cycle
    By Renata L. Lerch

    In addition to the numeric targets, it is important to establish parameters to measure the effectiveness of your marketing tactics and programs.


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