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    Find a Home-Based Business, Franchise or Opportunity for You

    Start Your Own E-Commerce Business

    Follow these Seven Guidelines

    1. Research: For products you love, relate to, and wish to sell; Competition – what your chances are of succeeding in that market; Suppliers – who you can find that product for a good price from

    What Your Business Can Learn From the Army

    Benefit from What the Army Already Does Well

    Most people think of the Army and their own business as two entirely separate entities. The fact is, the Army is in the business of protecting our country, with a workforce of thousands and processes in place for getting the job done in many different situations. Have you ever thought about how your business can benefit from what the Army already does well? The answers may surprise you.


    The Army is built on sound practices, strong employees, and the ability to be resilient in times of stress. Can you build your business on the same foundation?

    Start-Up Success Factor

    Cynthia Kocialski loves start-up companies. “I love start-ups and all the wonderful gizmos and gadgets they make,” said Kocialski.

    Advice for Young Entrepreneurs in Home-Based Start-Ups

    Business Expert Tallks About How to Make Your Mark

    Robert Finfer is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and President & CEO of Integrity Capital Partners (ICP). He is an active advisory board member and class instructor at Washington, DC's renowned Kogod School of Business where he offers advice to entrepreneurs looking to spearhead their own brainchild organizations and make their mark in America.

    Johnny's Lemonade Stand: How You Can START-UP Your Own Business

    By Bo Worthy

    Johnny's Lemonade Stand: How You Can START-UP Your Own Business by
    Bo Worthy (founder, president and CEO of Worthy's, Inc. ) tells the story of Johnny Mac Williams, a young boy looking to make money by starting his own small business, to demonstrate key business principles to entrepreneurs of all kinds.

    90 Days to Success as a Small Business Owner

    Book Offers Guidelines for Business Success

    By Barry Thomsen

    Opening a business can be a life-changing experience. It can be the answer to all your dreams or add nightmares to your life. This book attempts to answer the important questions that guide you in the direction of success.

    Can Bad Economic Times Be Good Business Times?

    Interview with Steve Strauss on Why You Should Start a Home Business When a Recession Loom.

    Let’s face it, the economy is tough and tight right now. Should one start up and operate a home business during a recessionary time? Home Business® Magazine satdown recently with Steve Strauss, the author of the Small Business Bible and small business columnist for to get answers to this and other pertinent questions.


    Maximize Your Start-Up Profits by Reducing Your Taxes

    The Key is Good Recordkeeping

     You’ve probably heard the expression, “It’s not what you make; it’s what you keep that matters.” One of the ways you can keep more of your business income is by reducing the taxes you pay.

    10 Start-Up Success Tips for a Recession

    You Can Grow a Business When the Economy Goes Bad
    By Priscilla Y. Huff

    Depending on which financial news source and experts you follow, we are either in a temporary economic slow-down or headed for a serious recession as evidenced by ...



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