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    Start-Up Guide for launching a home-based business. Join the work-from-home revolution Today! Step-by-step advice on the key areas to make a new home business a success.

    Business Start-Up

    Former Math Teacher Builds a Direct Sales Company with 50,000 Independent Distributors

    By Home Business Magazine

    Every Friday, It Works! Global founder Mark B. Pentecost swaps his city-office setting for the tranquility of his cattle ranch in Myakka City, Fla. The 340-acre spread has no Internet or cellphone service — which means no text messages, emails, or other interruptions. It’s the ideal place to reflect, rejuvenate, and generate bold new ideas — ideas like the one that gave birth to his direct sales company in 2001.

    Business Start-Up

    The Beginning of the Year is the Best Time to Chart the Right Course for Your Business.

    You have two choices when it comes to running your home business: Be intentional about the path your business follows. Or run your business on autopilot.

    Business Start-Up

    Mompreneur’s Ear Flap Hats Protect Against Bad Weather, Noise, and Infections

    A mother of two from New York, Olivia Entin stumbled upon what would become the inspiration behind her flourishing home-based business when she was searching and unsuccessfully finding clothing for her children that would provide safety and optimal comfort as well as a fashion-forward appearance.

    Business Start-Up

    Entrepreneur Builds iPhone Repair Empire from His Dining Room

    Daniel Vitiello got his first taste of the entrepreneurial life when he was sixteen years old, starting and operating a lawn and landscaping company. After selling his landscape business when he went to college, Vitiello found himself without a job when he returned home the following summer. “I have never been one to work a “real” job,” he says.

    Business Start-Up

    History tells us that start-up businesses struggle from both lack of strategic planning and organization and being more reactionary than proactive. The following is a three-tier approach that entrepreneurs should follow when first starting out:



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