Business Start-Up

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    Start-Up Guide for launching a home-based business. Join the work-from-home revolution Today! Step-by-step advice on the key areas to make a new home business a success.

    Business Start-Up

    Follow these Seven Guidelines

    1. Research: For products you love, relate to, and wish to sell; Competition – what your chances are of succeeding in that market; Suppliers – who you can find that product for a good price from

    Business Start-Up

    It's not often that the story behind a great product begins with nomadic warriors on the plains of Africa, but for Cooper and Kid's founder, Nichole Smaglick, that is exactly where the story began.

    Business Start-Up

    Determine the Best Legal Business Structure for Your Business
    By Kurt English, Esq.

    As the owner of a sole proprietorship, you will have unlimited personal liability When you start a business, you should consider what type of structure you want.

    Business Start-Up

    10 Ways to Set Up Yours for Under $100

    By Kristina Wyatt

    Whether you have an entire room to dedicate as your office, or just a small corner of your bedroom to call your own, the home office is an integral piece of any home-based business. Setting up this space doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; follow these steps below to create the gorgeous, functional office you dream of, on a budget.

    Business Start-Up

    When Times Get Tough, Look to Expand into International Markets
    By Renata L. Lerch
    Expanding your small business in international markets involves risks that should be meticulously calculated.



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