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    The Dying Age of Thumbdrives and Fax Machines 

    By Shane Russo, Expert

    Technology becomes obsolete quicker than ever before.

    Consider for a second what age we live in. The technology that we utilize on a daily basis is the previous generations dreamed of. Smartphone, VoIP and drones weren’t even conceivable. Slowly but surely, technology falls by the wayside, and the public’s opinion turns in favor of the newer, more high-tech design. Technology becomes obsolete quicker than ever before.

    Rising - Mobile Devices

    An obvious choice, mobile devices are no longer in the process of invading our daily lives: they run our lives, for better or worse. Every electronic company on the planet is devising a plan to create a mobile phone or tablet, or modifying their existing product to supplement the usage of mobile devices.

    Dying - DVD/Blu-Rays/CD’s

    As streaming services like HBO, Netflix and Amazon grow in popularity, the demand for a tangible disk to view movies on declines. Streaming services streamline the viewing process, appealing to the viewers’ demand for urgency, while offering a diverse catalogue of quality television shows and movies. For what it takes to purchase one Blu-Ray or DVD, viewers can have a month of access to thousands of television shows and movies. Streaming is as fiscally responsible as it is rational.

    Rising - Cloud Service

    What makes using a cloud service so appealing is how it’s so convenient. While added-bonuses like cost-effectiveness or ease-of-use certainly sweeten the deal, cloud services can be accessed anywhere, meaning making USB memory devices (foreshadowing) absolute in the process, but boosting creativity.

    Dying - Landlines

    At this point in time, the use of landlines is a cultural phenomenon, used mainly by couples looking to establish a sense of “home,” and older people that simply don’t know any different. Generations that grew up in the dawn of the mobile phone-era don’t see the point of having a phone that you can’t take (outside of the house) with you in your pocket or purse.

    Rising - 3D Printers

    Technology will never be the same when 3D printers’ abilities are fully embraced. Capable of everything and able to create virtually anything, from guns to prosthetic limbs, 3D printers are relatively affordable, considering what they can do.

    Dying - Fax Machines

    As scanners became more prevalent, the countdown for the death of the fax machine started. Bulky, unreliable and noisy, there are two types of people who use fax machines: those who still believe in the technology, and those placating the people that still insist on using fax machines. Scanning a page to an email bypasses the necessity for faxing anything, yet certain institutions still swear by its efficiency and convenience.

    Rising - Smartphone Tech

    Mentioned above, mobile devices are clearly dominating the electronic industry. As mobile technology progresses, so does the potential for add-ons. Docking stations allow users to easily (as if it was once difficult) to charge multiple devices at once, while lenses turn camera phones into borderline professional quality.

    Dying - Consumer Video Cameras

    Another victim of the rise of mobile devices, consumer video cameras are feeling the pressure on multiple fronts, with SLR cameras capable of HD-quality video applying pressure as well. The once heralded flip and SD cameras are too single-minded, and their technology does not hold up to devices designed to for more than one purpose, a la SLR cameras, smartphones, or tablets.

    Rising - Smart Eyewear

    Not many technological innovations have inspired as much fear as it has inspired high hopes as smart eyewear. When Google Glass was introduced, the tech world swooned. When its facial recognition credentials and true point-of-view capabilities were described, terms like “dystopian” and “Terminator” were bandied about. In the end, the real-time abilities smart eyewear possess will prove to be a real asset to humanity (and not to robot killers).

    Dying - Hard/Thumbdrives

    With the rise of the cloud, hard/thumbdrives quickly began to lose their luster. Once lauded for their portability (thumbdrive), and for their ridiculous storage capacity (hard-drive), they were both rendered obsolete by the ability to simply store all information on a cloud, which can be accessed at anytime, anywhere.

    Technology, of course, will be ever-evolving, but what we can always expect is something much greater. Take into consideration the way we communicate with each other. At first, there were landlines, then portable brick mobile phones and now we even have ways of communicating through wristwatches-- something that we might have only dreamed about in sci-fi films. In fact, today, businesses don’t even have to travel around the world to establish a global presence because of all the technology available. We live in a world that runs on convenience, and therefore, we will always jump at the chance to make life a little simpler.  Add: 2/14  HP: 2/22/14 




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