Where Will Money-Making Trends Take You in 2014?


    Looking Into Our Crystal Ball, We see Many Things to be Optimistic about This Year

    By Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine®

    Currently, all indicators show that after years and years of near-recession economic conditions, the overall economy will slowly improve.

    One way to get ready for a prosperous 2014 is to look at important trends. In particular, what do we see impacting the world of home-based business? Often times, a trend having a significant impact on home-based businesses may only have a small impact on the overall business market. And vice versa.

    One such trend having a magnified impact on home-based business is social media. Website visitors are going more and more to a business’s Facebook site, at the expense of traditional URL websites. To maximize value with social media, synchronize your website with Facebook and Twitter. It’s easy to do. After posting content on your website, post that same content to Facebook (a simple cut and paste posts on your Facebook wall). Configure your Twitter so that it Tweets out that Facebook post automatically. You have now synchronized content across all platforms.

    Furthermore, use your web content to drive engagement through social media. Via simple programming options, you can add Facebook comments to your website content (Google it). Not only does this build greater community within your web network, this also increases links into Facebook, as these comments get posted back to a visitor’s Facebook community.

    A social media financial trend is that it will continue to be difficult to generate revenue from Facebook and social media. By more effectively linking your Facebook page with your main website, however, you will drive improved engagement and traffic numbers, which will translate into greater long-term revenue.

    Another home-based trend is that the size of many home-based businesses will grow. It is getting easier and easier for diversely located entrepreneurs to collaborate and work together in a larger business endeavor. Technology is now readily available for anyone to host meetings right on their desk tops. Entrepreneurs can easily collaborate on complex documents. Group creativity no longer requires co-location. The “virtual company” is finally coming of age, and most will be built upon inter-linked home offices.

    Currently, all indicators show that after years and years of near-recession economic conditions, the overall economy will slowly improve. Consumer confidence and spending should rise slightly. As that happens, the demand for goods and services provided by home-based businesses will increase. The trends are looking good. HBM

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    Richard Henderson

    Publisher of Home Business Magazine.

    I will appreciate your feedback on our blog postings. I have been publishing Home Business Magazine sine 1995. Like most full time home-based entrepreneurs, I worked HBM part-time the first couple of years while I worked in a corporate cubicle. When it became profitable enought I transitioned to full-time.

    Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine.

    Like the home-based business sector that HBM covers, I come to the home-based world with a wide and varied background. I have a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering, a civil engineering license, and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. I am also a Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserves in the branch of Surface Warfare, and I previously also served in the Civil Engineers Corps.  My military service hasa taken me around most of the world, and I currently work in emergency preparedness for the State of Minnesota.

    One of the big advantages of being a home-based entrepreneur is improved quality of family. My wife, five children and I live in a town south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Operating a home business allowed us to choose this place to live. It has also  allowed me to maximize the time I spend with my kids as they have grown up.  Even just seeing them off to school in the morning makes running a home business worthwhile.

    Richard Henderson serves part-time in the Navy Reserves, rank of Captain in Surface Warfare.

    My biggest area of interest in publishing is with digital media and internet media.  With knowlege learned the hard way by trial and error, I am probably one of the most knowledgeable persons in the industyr on such digital circulation areas as the iPad, iPhone, Nook Kindle, digital editions and in Internet marketing. It is where the publishing world is going, and I am trying to stay out ahead of it. Every business owner has their daily battle for survival, and this one is mine.

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