John Nemo Discusses The Big Blue AKA LinkedIn: A "Sleeping Giant" of Social Media



    LinkedIn: The "Sleeping Giant" of Social Media 

    By John Nemo, Expert Social Media Consultant

    Social Media Consultant John Nemo speaks about LinkedIn and strong marketing strategies to a group of debt collections agency executives at their annual trade association convention at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

    The beauty of going this route with LinkedIn is that it removes the gatekeepers, middlemen and everyone else standing between you and your ideal customer. Instead, you’re able (in a matter of seconds!) to create a list of the exact people you’re looking to do business with. You can even organize and arrange your new prospect list by job title, city/region or company name. Best of all, it literally doesn’t cost you anything other a little bit of your time and attention!

    Big Blue = Sleeping Giant

    I like to call LinkedIn the “sleeping giant” of social media. I don’t think many of us grasp just how powerful of a B2B sales and marketing channel LinkedIn has become. The stats are staggering: A 2012 study by inbound marketing leader HubSpot indicated LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective at lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. (Read that stat again.) A 2013 study by Investis noted that 64 percent of all traffic coming to corporate websites through social media channels is arriving courtesy of LinkedIn.

    There’s a reason it works so well: LinkedIn literally offers you a treasure trove of information and opportunity when it comes to locating and engaging your ideal clients and customers. The key is understanding how to leverage the platform so you can generate the most quality leads in the shortest amount of time.

    Make sure you watch the entire video that goes with this post, and then let me know in the comments how it works out for you and your specific niche or industry and what type of lists you come up with. Looking forward to your comments!

    John Nemo helps brands, businesses and individuals leverage LinkedIn to generate more sales leads, add new clients and increase revenue. Learn more about John and his LinkedIn Riches training online at



    John Nemo

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    Social Media Consultant John Nemo helps businesses, brands and individuals leverage LinkedIn to generate sales leads, add new clients and increase revenue. Learn more about John and how he generated $135,000 of revenue in just 90 days on LinkedIn at

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