Fiscal Smarts, Customers Wants, and Other Questions to Editor


    Here are just a few Recent Letters to the Editor:

    What Do Their Customers Want?

    What customers value most changes constantly, and the pace of change has increased exponentially with the economic recession. The businesses who become relevant by addressing what customers really value at any given time will

    With demand increasing, customers have more difficulty getting what they want on time.

    be the first ones out of the recession.

    One year ago, people were looking for financial stability in companies they were purchasing from because of all of the business closings. Now, on-time delivery outranks that because so many businesses cut back their inventory during the worst of the recession. With demand increasing, customers have more difficulty getting what they want on time.

    Jaynie L. Smith
    CEO of Smart Advantage, Inc.
    Author of Relevant Selling

    Becoming Fiscally Smart Adults

    As children blossom into young men and women, most insist on planning and running their own lives. Parents worry about all the basic essentials for their kids’ independent living, like housing, eating properly, staying warm, being careful at night and more. But most parents forget to teach their youngsters one of the most important lessons of all – financial responsibility. The resulting turmoil can spell disaster for a child’s future. Undisciplined spending habits, student and car loans, and a tough job market have stymied their financial growth. Perhaps the worst culprit is financial ignorance, but we can count this as a lesson for future 20-somethings.

    We need to have a curriculum in schools, from kindergarten through 12th grade, that ensures our kids graduate with financially literacy. From balancing a checkbook to understanding what it means to pay – and earn – interest, kids need basic money management skills to survive in the world, and most aren’t getting them

    Mark Hansen,
    Author of Success 101 for Teens

    From the Editor: With money management skills — tied in with innovation, determination, and persistence — many home-based business owners can achieve success such as achieved by those profiled in the August 2012 issue of Home Business Magazine.

    Great Post

    I loved your article on the five steps business owners should be taking right now. I definitely agree that networking is key and that all business owners should be expanding their sphere of influence. I also agree with your point that the fat should be cut out of the budget — especially in these times.

    Frances Keefer

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