E-commerce is for Every Home-Based Business Owner


    Tap Into a Low Cost Path for Increased Profitability

    Every owner of a home business should consider himself in an e-commerce business,

    A mainstay of any home-based business should be what I like to call “back-end sales.

    In fact, many businesses could not survive without it. Through diversification, every business model can add e-commerce profit centers. You use the Internet as the backbone for the business, whether or not the goods or services being marketed are linked to the Internet. For example, if you operate a service business or franchise, such as a home-improvement or repair service, you should have a web site that serves as an electronic brochure, with a full e-commerce description of your services, references, pricing, and, most importantly, a portal for back office support to clients.

    If you sell products, e-commerce is also essential to your success. An obvious e-commerce tool is a website to market those products. A huge home-based product industry is centered on network marketing. Integral to successful network marketing is recruiting. A dominant trend in network marketing is to use the Internet for recruiting – web-based recruiting. Typically, a web page is used to present the business concept, and includes a form to fill out for more information. Many of the more successful recruiting web pages embed a short video, too. 

    A mainstay of any home-based business should be what I like to call “back-end sales.”  No matter what the product or service of your home business, you market related products (and even services) through sales to your existing core customer base. This is done through e-commerce, linked to the website of the main business. For example, that same home improvement business (i.e. concrete specialty cleaning) has an online product line related to the main business (i.e. concrete decorative products). Online shopping cart systems (i.e. 1+1 Internet, 3d Cart, Volusion, X-Cart, Vendio) make it easy to configure a professional online store.

    In addition to diversification, there are also traditional core e-commerce businesses that market a product or service related to the Internet. For example, you design websites, sell products on eBay, or manage email marketing campaigns. Although there are many different core e-commerce businesses, they represent only a small fraction of the larger universe of home-based businesses that can use e-commerce to achieve greater profitability and success.

    A final benefit to highlight is the relative low cost of e-commerce businesses. The additional costs to diversify a business for back-end e-commerce sales or other types of e-commerce are insignificant. For example, most hosted shopping cart systems are well under $50 per month. Core e-commerce businesses also have lower start-up costs. So hence, our focus on an “E-commerce Start-Up Guide.” E-commerce should be part of any home-based businesses.  So what’s next for you? Get started today using the Internet to generate increased profits — no matter what business you are in. V20-5  hp: 12/13


    Richard Henderson

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    Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine.

    Like the home-based business sector that HBM covers, I come to the home-based world with a wide and varied background. I have a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering, a civil engineering license, and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. I am also a Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserves in the branch of Surface Warfare, and I previously also served in the Civil Engineers Corps.  My military service hasa taken me around most of the world, and I currently work in emergency preparedness for the State of Minnesota.

    One of the big advantages of being a home-based entrepreneur is improved quality of family. My wife, five children and I live in a town south of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Operating a home business allowed us to choose this place to live. It has also  allowed me to maximize the time I spend with my kids as they have grown up.  Even just seeing them off to school in the morning makes running a home business worthwhile.

    Richard Henderson serves part-time in the Navy Reserves, rank of Captain in Surface Warfare.

    My biggest area of interest in publishing is with digital media and internet media.  With knowlege learned the hard way by trial and error, I am probably one of the most knowledgeable persons in the industyr on such digital circulation areas as the iPad, iPhone, Nook Kindle, digital editions and in Internet marketing. It is where the publishing world is going, and I am trying to stay out ahead of it. Every business owner has their daily battle for survival, and this one is mine.

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