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    Your Marketing Diversity is Key

    A little Stitch in Time Will Reap Better Responses in an Online World

    As I study the home business market — particularly in the areas of marketing and advertising — one point catches my attention. No matter what your industry or business type, the Internet has made promoting your business not an easier, but rather a more difficult challenge.

    Independent/Free Agent

    Along with personal computer use, the Internet is making the location of where work is done insignificant, and that location is more and more becoming the home. The Internet permits work to be done anytime, anywhere. Almost any job or business task in America's information-based economy can at least be partially done working from home. These competitive benefits of the personal computer and Internet are bringing about a new type of home-based entrepreneur — the “independent/free agent".

    E-Commerce is for Every Home-Based Business Owner


    Tap Into a Low Cost Path for Increased Profitability

    Every owner of a home business should consider himself in an e-commerce business, too. In fact, many businesses could not survive without it.

    Be the Next Home-Based Business Owner in the Neighborhood

    Anyone with ingenuity and perseverance can start a home-based business, even in an economic downturn. Start one in an area with which you have experience or knowledge.

    How Your Financial Brainstorming is Going

    All Home-Based Entrepreneurs Need Access to Capital

    “One trend important for raising capital involves current interest rates. And it is a good thing.”

    Whether a new start-up or an establish business that seeks to expand, all businesses need to raise capital. It’s not just a start-up thing. In fact, access to money and capital can be most critical for established businesses when they hit "soft stops" and require operating capital. This risk becomes more acute during times of economic downturns, when unsecured small businesses are often last on the list to be paid.


    Two Decades of Home Business Success

    Spreading the Word "Virally" Has Helped Build Magazine Success

    By Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine

    "There are now more home-based business than any other category of businesses"


    The world of home business sure has changed a lot since the entire Home Business Magazine team and I began publishing over twenty years ago.

    Interacting with Your Universe

    Use Facebook, Twitter, and Blogging in Your "Guerrilla" Social Media Marketing

    By Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine®

    Back in the early days of Home Business Magazine®, I was introduced to the term "Guerrilla Marketing." It was a good fit for us home-based entrepreneurs.

    Fiscal Smarts, Customers Wants, and Other Questions to Editor

    What Do Their Customers Want?

    What customers value most changes constantly, and the pace of change has

    increased exponentially with the economic recession. The businesses who become relevant by addressing what customers really value at any given time will be the first ones out of the recession.

    Letters: Dealing with Stressors that Lead to Mental & Physical Impairments

    Here are some Letters to Editor from the June 2012 Issue of Home Business Magazine:

    Reduce Stress: Use Your Inner Voice:
    Many things can cause your readers stress at work: new projects, new clients, and/or new co-workers, for example...


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