Your Business’ Website Will Benefit From Developing A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plan

Although there is old information out there saying that real drop shippers don't charge fees, that is simply not accurate.

From Multi-Million Dollar A$K-Maker LAURA FREDRICKS

On Redefining Himself, Transforming His Career, Losing Weight for Dallas Buyers Club, Being a Father, And Having a Happy-Go-Lucky Spirit

More features, more phone lines, more value for your business. Your Business

Eight Elements of a Successful Online Marketing Plan

Whether you’re excited, apprehensive, or both, you’ve decided that the best thing for your business is to get tapped into the opportunities available to you online. But where do you even start?

The Social Age Evolutionary Workplace

The 5 C’s to Recruit, Engage and Retain Staff

By Kim Seeling Smith

Technology and globalization have dramatically changed the way we work over the last 20 - 30 years. However, very little has changed in how we hire and manage staff – which has led to low employee engagement and productivity and high employee turnover.  

With any evolutionary process, a guide or roadmap proves invaluable. When your company decides to take the leap and join the Social Age, there are 5 C’s to adhere to so you can maximize employment efficiency and effectiveness, retain your staff and ensure that your employees are fully-engaged on a daily basis.



Jonathan Sellers - Today's Featured HOME BUSINESS Expert

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Jonathan Sellers is a social media strategist at EMSI Public Relations, a social media marketing and national pay-for-performance PR firm. A graduate of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, Sellers specializes in online content marketing strategies, driving engagement through blogging best practices and use of multiple media formats including video, photos and graphics. He has managed online marketing initiatives for companies in a variety of industries, including health care and advertising. Read Jonathan Sellers' Blog.


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Give Network Marketing a Fair Shake

By Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine

Network Marketing is a Viable and Booming Business Sector 

Network Marketing - also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).- has always been a major player in the home-based business industry. To understand network marketing, first look at what it simply is. Network marketing is simply a way to transact goods and products (and sometimes services) with the consumer market. At its soul is direct selling.


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Lost Sales Leads

4 Common Problems and How to Correct Them

U.S. businesses spend billions of dollars generating sales leads only to lose more than 70 percent of them simply because they don’t make contact quickly enough, according to one study. But that’s not the only way they’re losing out on opportunities.

It Is a Wrap for the Founders of Wrapped

A Picture Paints a Thousand Things for Two Home Business Owners

Ryland Arnoldi & Sam Seidman are home-based entrepreneurs and founders of the company, Wrapped.

Ryland Arnoldi & Sam Seidman are two Venice, California locals who set out to do what they love most: translate their passion for art and nature into a gift-able resource. They both turned down futures in high finance to pursue their idea to launch the company, WRAPPED. Furthermore, they did it in the middle of a recession.



In survey after survey, meetings get knocked by everyone from employees to senior executives as being among the biggest waste of work hours. In one poll, by Office Team, 45 percent of senior executives said their firms would be more productive if they banned all meetings at least one day a week!

Business Start-Up

Woman’s Affinity for Makeup Results in the Creation of a New Cosmetic Line

In 2004, Marci Star — a fresh out of college business major — moved to Los Angeles, California for a music career, but had an affinity for makeup. Broke, hungry, and touring with her band, she did makeup applications on the side for cash to survive. Marci began professional makeup applications on stars in the music industry. As the clients walked away with beautifully finished faces, they requested touch-up items to-go. Marci thought, "I could keep giving away these other brands, but what if I had my own to sell?"

Product Reviews

Money - we all need it every day and we never have enough. HOW you ASK for it makes the difference between having it and not having it. The first step is Know Exactly What you Want and with Numbers.

Health and Fitness

Sitting down with the intention of stilling one’s mind and body is no longer the sole province of hippies and Eastern medicine aficionados. Nike, 50 Cent and the Marine Corps all embrace the benefits of mindfulness meditation.


Does your business have a website? If so, have you ever tried to find it via search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing? If you have tried and it does not appear at all, or appears well past page one of the search results, then your business’ website will benefit from developing a search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

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