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Converting to a Roth IRA can protect retirees from having to make heavily taxed withdrawals associated with RMDs.

How Your IRA Can Become Your Tax Nightmare

By Gary Marriage, Jr.

Millions of Americans have put away money into their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) throughout their professional lives, which the government encourages with tax-deferred growth throughout the working years, allowing employees to accumulate more money faster — but there’s a catch. 

Taxing Times

Start Your Own E-Commerce Business

Follow these Seven Guidelines

Here are seven guidelines to starting your own e-commerce business.

1. Research: For products you love, relate to, and wish to sell; Competition – what your chances are of succeeding in that market; Suppliers – who you can find that product for a good price from


Ben Stewart - Today's Featured HOME BUSINESS Expert

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Ben Stewart has an extensive background in web development and design for large-scale e-commerce companies. Before launching e-commerce marketing platform Social Rebate, Ben began his career as Director of Development for Out Of Pocket Films at Sony Pictures.  He then became... Read Ben Stewart's Blog

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Have Professional ADD? Learn How to Avoid Fatal Distractions

By Dan C. Steenerson

Throughout the nation, there is a silent career killer lurking in professionals’ offices. This killer sucks the life out of goals and aspirations, rendering its victims ineffective. It’s a silent killer, because like cancer, many people who have the condition don’t even realize it exists.



Breathe Life into Your Business

Embrace Seven Facts of Business Life that Affect Us as Entrepreneurs

There are other important facts about business ownership — facts that could help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that trip up so many others, and go on to achieve the success you’ve dreamed of. I call these the Facts of Business Life — seven essential concepts needed to create a successful business life.

Business Building Tips for a Home-Based Biz

10 Places Offline and Online to Find Potential Customers

By Terry Seymour

Building a successful online business is no easy task. It takes hard work, time, and commitment. As we all know, the success of a business is dependent on its customers who keep the business alive. Finding these customers is not always easy. Discover ten places, online and offline, you can effectively utilize to find and bring in those potential customers.

Collecting Business Cards Isn’t Enough: Seven Ways to Supernetwork Your Way to Success

In most careers there are 20-25 relationships that truly matter. Knowing how to segment these contacts out from the others makes all the difference. Here, we explain how to recognize and cultivate your “critical few”—and how to handle the rest. 

By Andrew Sobel

During your career you’ve heard or read lots of advice on networking. And chances are you’ve picked up a subtle, underlying message: More is better. Why else would you have left the last conference you attended with a briefcase full of business cards? Oh, you haven’t reached out to any of those folks yet (or they to you), but you “networked” and that’s what matters.This superficial view of networking just doesn’t, well, work.

If you really want relationships that matter, stop aimlessly collecting business cards. There is a big difference between “networking” and actually building a network of deep, loyal relationships.


Use Social Media to Have a Two-Way Conversation with Customers

By Larry Caretsky, CEO of Commence Corporation

It’s 2014 and more people than ever are using social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook as their primary way of communicating. Social media has profoundly changed the way businesses communicate with customers – today, social media tools are an integral part of virtually all professional CRM solutions. But many businesses are missing out on an incredibly powerful marketing tool by forgetting to make customer communication on social media a two-way street.

Social Media

Find a Home-Based Business, Franchise or Opportunity for You

Give Network Marketing a Fair Shake

By Richard Henderson, Publisher of Home Business Magazine

Network Marketing is a Viable and Booming Business Sector 

Network Marketing - also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).- has always been a major player in the home-based business industry. To understand network marketing, first look at what it simply is. Network marketing is simply a way to transact goods and products (and sometimes services) with the consumer market. At its soul is direct selling.




26 Tips to Help You Stay Productive on the Ground and in the Air

If you are one of the many Americans who travel regularly for business, airports, delays, and forced downtime are the bane of your road warrior’s existence. They usually mean you’re getting even farther behind on your constantly expanding to-do list. If you’d like to increase your productivity the next time you don the armor of a road warrior, then read on for 26 tips to help you save time, cut stress, and accomplish great things while you’re on the road.

Business Start-Up

Follow these Seven Guidelines

Here are seven guidelines to starting your own e-commerce business.

1. Research: For products you love, relate to, and wish to sell; Competition – what your chances are of succeeding in that market; Suppliers – who you can find that product for a good price from

Internet Technology

By Lance Brown, VP of Product Development at Huzzah Media, provider of innovative digital solutions for small businesses

In today’s mobile world, it is critical that Main Street businesses engage with their customers on a more frequent basis since many of their big box counterparts are already doing so.  But small business owners are struggling to take the next step to expanding their digital footprint, in large part because of most of today’s online tools aren’t suited for their unique needs. 

As overwhelming as going digital may seem, there are simple things small business owners can do to get started.

Health and Fitness


As we age, we feel tired more often at work. Even older workaholics in love with their jobs may remember a time when they could work 18 hours every day and not feel the effects.


How to Turn Dull into Dynamic!

By Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE 

Whenever you open your mouth, whether your audience is one person or a thousand, you want to get a specific message across. Maybe you want your opinions heard at meetings, or perhaps you are giving a formal presentation, internally or externally. Anyone who sets out to present, persuade, and propel with the spoken word faces 10 major pitfalls. 

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