Generation Text Needs to Think Before Typing.

Whether it’s a multimillion dollar contract or just deciding where to meet for lunch, life is rife with negotiations.

While most people consider trivia a hobby or a playful way to pass idle time, trivia can be far more than just fun and games.

Smile: Sell More with Amazing Customer Service

By Kirt Manecke

5 Common Causes of Prevalent Tax Mistakes

Keep More of the Money Your Business Earns

If you want a better tax strategy for the future, chances are you could be doing a better job throughout the year to save on income taxes. The following are mistakes that many taxpayers are liable to make now and in future years.

Profitable Benefits of Having a Robust B2B Sales Process

A sales process (or sales pipeline) is the journey sales teams take prospects on to encourage them to become a customer. However, sales teams need more than the typical sales pipeline. They need a robust B2B sales process. Here are the benefits:

10 Signs You’re Not Cut Out to Be an Independent/Free Agent


Thinking about becoming an independent/free agent, working at or from home? Beware! Below are 10 signs that you just may not be cut out to be an entrepreneur.


William Olsen - Today's Featured HOME BUSINESS Expert

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William Olsen, CPA, Co-Founder and Director. William has been in the tax industry for 20 years and a licensed CPA since 1997. He started his career specializing in IRS problems resolution and has been an expert tax practitioner ever since. He graduated from the University of Utah with Honors in 1994 with a BA in Accounting and earned his MACC from Southern Utah University in 1995. He is a licensed CPA in the State of Utah. William designed the tax and accounting functionality of Deductr. Read William Olsen's Blog

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Priced to Sell

10 Tips for Finding the Right Price for Your Goods
By Chip Averwater

"Avoid costly mistakes with pricing and get ahead of the competition."

Any business’s survival depends on finding the ever-elusive right price — that magic number that will get people to buy from them in an online-discounts-dominated market while still allowing them to make a profit. No matter what you’re selling, the "right" price to ask for your goods is never clearly defined.

Common Start-Up Struggles and Steps to Avoid the Traps

History tells us that start-up businesses struggle from both lack of strategic planning and organization and being more reactionary than proactive. The following is a three-tier approach that entrepreneurs should follow when first starting out:

Top 10 Business Challenges for Home-Based Entrepreneurs

Position Your Business For Success in 2015

With continued market uncertainty likely on tap for 2012, organizations may find themselves facing 10 major business challenges for the year, according to Protiviti ( <> ), a global consulting firm.



From classic board games like Trivial Pursuit to iconic TV game shows such as Jeopardy and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Americans love the mental challenge and exhilaration of participating in trivia contests. Trivia game shows are irresistible opportunities to test our intellectual prowess and demonstrate knowledge. However, while most people consider trivia a hobby or a playful way to pass idle time, trivia can be far more than just fun and games.

Business Start-Up

Renae Christine built a six-figure stationery company for herself from her own home and is now teaching others on how to do the same. She currently helps thousands of other business owners build their businesses through analysis and training via the Rich Mom University and free training webinars on

Product Reviews

Targeted toward small-business owners who are surviving month to month, William J. Eisenbrandt’s groundbreaking book Why Do My Employees Hate Me: And Other Answers You May Not Want to Hear, offers today’s entrepreneurs a revolutionary new business tool that aims to give them the wakeup call they desperately need.


Deborah Schwartz’s Woman On Top is the triumphant story of a young widow whose journey to find herself takes readers on an entertaining, yet thought-provoking ride. Inspired by her true-life story, Schwartz’ Woman on Top is a battle cry for any woman who ever let someone make her feel less than worthy. Further, it’s a lesson to us all that we hold the power to reach any summit.


Generation text needs to think before typing.

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